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    he had 12 good looks at the basket at the top of the keyno one guarding him why didnt he shoot

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    Re: olynik

    Could be he was instructed not to take the outside shot?  Maybe he didn't feel that he had the touch?  Maybe it was a set play and he was looking for a cutter?

    Oly is still adjusting to the NBA.  He has exciting upside potential, but he will need some development time and needs to find his confidence, which is why he is playing more minutes than he deserves (over Hump) at this point.

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    Re: olynik

    I've actually been very impressed with Olynyk so far.  He doesn't look completely lost like most rookies do.  He's adjusting to the speed of the game and learning.  I'm encouraged rather than discouraged.

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    Re: olynik

    He has game. I don't see him as Dirk but I see him as a 17 and 8 guy.  He looks good out there, the results will come.

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    Re: olynik

    KO has played very well, his bball iq and feel for the game are excellent. He has defended and rebounded better than I thought he would.  Ironically his biggest strength in summer league has been his biggest weakness in the reg season which is scoring and shooting the ball. You can see he is hesitant and not fully confident in shooting and attacking the rim YET. I think it is a case of adjusting to the speed and athleticism of the nba.  This is a common theme for bigs with below avg athleticism. Bbaby and sully both had their adjustment periods. If you recall they would consistently get their shots blocked by opposing bigs and would be hesitant to go straight up  and start up faking for no reason becuz they were afraid they were going to get their shot blocked. I see the same thing with ko. He has a very good first step going to the hoop but as soon as he gets past the first defender he tends to long jump to the rim which negates his height advantage and ability to finish at the rim. He needs to take one more dribble and go up strong. Id also like to see more post ups for him. Especially when sully is out of the game.  KO has played less than  a dozen games and he is already a solid player. Great pick by danny, especially the fact that he traded up to get him. He didnt want to risk missing out on him.

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    Re: olynik

    I'll be first to admit that I wasn't really excited over DA drafting the Klynyk, but Kelly changed my mind very quickly after watching him during the summer league. His point guard insticts were the first thing that surprised me. He has really good court vision for a 7-footer, and between him and Sully the Celtics could have, in a couple of years, the best passing front court in the NBA as well as the best interior passing. He has nice touch from the outside, and a couple of times during the season (highlighted by the Miami game) he has shown that he's not afraid to shoot (Gorman always points out how the ball always finds him in the fourth quarter). Would love to see more of the post moves I saw in the summer. I know they're there. It's about getting more comfortable.

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    Re: olynik

    I think Oly will develop into a serviceable big.  But I disagree with 37stories - Oly will never be a 17 and 8 guy.  He isn't a center in the NBA and the PF of the future for this team is Sully.  I just don't see where he'll get the minutes to contribute like that.  He's got a long way to go to get there.

    I think that 17 and 8 label should be attached to Sully, long-term.

    There is a reason why many rookies sit and develop and Oly should be doing just that.  Oly should be brought along slowly and when the Celtics make some moves, which are certain to be made, that would be the ideal time to increase his involvement.

    As expected from a rookie, he's up and down and very inconsistent so far.  Not sure just throwing him out there is the answer as much as bringing him along slowly.  I fear he's going to hit that rookie wall by February.