On Bradley and Ray

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    Re: On Bradley and Ray

    In response to Fiercest34's comment:

    In response to hedleylamarr's comment:


    C'mon, man, not you too!!!!  The rookies we've had since Rondo have all stunk.  If Doc had Anthony Davis or MKG, would they play???

    The rookies he didn't play were Giddens and Walker.....both of whom stunk.  He didn't play JJJ or Moore................are Joseph or Melo ready to play?

    Bradley was hurt for two years, but when healthy, he played.  Davis, Perk, Rondo, Erden, Jefferson, Gomes................c'mon Fierce, I expected better from you!!

    If they are good, and will defend, Doc will play them.  I am so sick of reading that, it is just not true!!

    Sully right now is playing 18 minutes per game. That's more than when Baby and Big Al were rookies.

    Big Al averaged 15 minutes per game as a rookie.

    Baby averaged 14 minutes per game as a rookie.

    I'm just saying Doc trusts Sully, even if he's a rookie. 

    Exactly......and if he trusted Giddens or Walker, they would have played, too.  See my point?

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