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On Harangody

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    On Harangody

    As I've been watching throughout the C's preseason, I can't be anything other than impressed with Luke Harangody's play.  He seems to fit into the C's style to the tee.  Some observations:

    - Rebounding:  The kid loves to bang the boards.  He's constantly in the mix on both ends.  He could really gain a significant role due to his knack for grabbing rebounds and getting second chance points.

    - Passing:  Although he isn't too flashy in this department, Luke doesn't seem to be turnover-proned.  A huge plus and it shows that he's very smart with the ball.

    - Scoring:  I had no idea he was as versatile as he is.  The kid has some range and can stroke the three, while at the same time isn't afraid to post up with the big boys. 

    - Defense:  Seems like a decent defender, but fouls have been his achilles heel during the preseason.  This can be chaulked up to his rookie status and undefined role on the team.  Overall, he's no slouch.

    So what do you guys think of this kid?  I hope he finds some time on the floor this season.
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    Re: On Harangody

    I'm a big Notre Dame, and therefore, a big Harangody fan.  I have been following him closely as well and know his play from college.  So obviously, I am hoping that he gets some playing time other than just "mop-up time".

    Defense has always been his main weakness.  But, I understand that the Celtics run some sought of "team defense" rather than man to man which should help him some.

    As far as offensivley, despite remarks made by virtually everyone (including the actual scouts) I am not surprised at all.  He is very versatile inside and a good outside shooter (particularly for a big man).  I am hoping he turns out to be the next Bill Laimbeer (same type of player), maybe my favorite player of all time (I know that I am going to get chastised over that remark).

    ** Interstingly, for someone who has not officailly made the actual roster yet.  For someone who many believe he will be lucky if he was the 12th man on the team.  There are an awfull lot of threads about him, mostly with positive talk.  So, he must be doing something right.

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    Re: On Harangody

    The Celtics desperately need offensive rebounding. That, in and of itself, should guarantee Harangody an eventual roll on the team; meaning he plays important minutes when the team needs what he can provide. But the ticket for admission on a Doc team is defense; hope he continues progressing, just needs focus and intensity, which I think he has plenty of.
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    Re: On Harangody

    I believe Harangody can duplicate Seed's production and for that matter the combo of Luke/Lasme can give us things that the inconsistent Seed couldn't; i.e blocked shots and less shots getting blocked..That said, we should then send Seed to the Pacer's who need a PF and in return get Dontay (Otay) Jones to be the defensive stopper that is now needed..I'll be looking out for the expected hate and venom to spewed shortly..
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    Re: On Harangody

    Sheed was a completely different player when he was consistent or inconsistent.  These guys are role players for the Celtics at best.  Sheed was a superstar at a point in career and even when he wasn't the seven footer was someone these  two guys will never be. Doesn't mean they won't be good in another kind of way though.
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    Re: On Harangody

    I wrote seed (seed of shaq) not sheed..Last time I checked Sheed was retired. Everyone knows BB is Seed(especially Shaq). Buck up
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    Re: On Harangody

    i think that harangody is going to have to be able to cover small forwards to get much playing time with the celtics this year.  it wouldn't seem that he will get many minutes behind garnett and davis at the power forward without a series of injuries taking place. 
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    Re: On Harangody

    He could help a lot of teams, I would be suprised if Doc played him much, he may get lucky and get traded to a team that can use him, that would be a lot of teams, or Danny may be smart to keep him and use him in the future when the old guys are gone.  Some think he will never be a starter, but I think he could start for several teams now, and if they played him  a half of a year they would have a good solid almost allstar on their hands in three years.
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    Re: On Harangody

    I am pulling for Harangody as much as anyone.  As I have said, I have been following him closely since he was a freshman at ND.  I also agree that he would start on some teams right now and he may actually be better off getting traded so he can have the opportunity to play some and show his talents.

    But, an "almost all-star in 3 years"?  That would be be great, But, ........
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    Re: On Harangody

    Glen Davis will be a free-agent after this season. If he does not return next season then Harangody will take his spot in the rotation. 
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    Re: On Harangody

    Concord, you said Sheed a superstar? Come on now.

    Sheed has had an outstanding career. He also played very good for us in the playoffs, busted his butt. However, during the regular season he was GARBAGE!

    Lazy, no defense, jogging from one foul line to the other and bombing 3's (which he wasnt very good at) and picking up TECHs.

    Luke will be twice as effective as Sheed during the regular season just by hustling. Plus the kid has a good shot, rebounds, hustles and brings energy.

    I mean, if you want to compare Sheed to Luke, do it in the context of what Sheed did for us last season and what you can expect from Luke this season.

    I like the kid and hope he makes the roster and gets some minutes.

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    Re: On Harangody

    In Response to Re: On Harangody:
    In Response to Re: On Harangody : Wow ... that's news coming from the likes of you. Luke gets your seal of approval this early? The C's won't resign Davis to a multi-year big bucks contract after being so irreplaceable?
    Posted by Mployee8

    I don't think the Celtics can get away with another 3m per year offer after this season. The way Glen Davis is playing right now teams like the Suns will offer him 6-7m per year. And the Celtics will most likely pick Perk over Davis if it comes to that.

    The Celtics believe in Harangody. A 2-year guaranteed contract is proof of that. And to think he's only the 52nd pick of the draft.
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    Re: On Harangody

    In Response to Re: On Harangody:
    In Response to Re: On Harangody : The question is ... Do you believe in Luke and can you live with him as Davis' replacement?
    Posted by Mployee8

    When I first saw him when he was drafted all I saw was another Scal. But once he showed he can hit the NBA 3-pointer I changed my mind. Luke is way better than Scal. 

    As for being Davis' replacement, it's too early. Who knows what will happen in next year's Draft. 

    And I still think Harangody will end up in the D-League once Delonte gets back.
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    Re: On Harangody

    In Response to Re: On Harangody:
    In Response to Re: On Harangody : No question Bradley will need time in ME and Luke may have to go from time to time if he isn't able to get consistent playing time. But if the injuries persist he may never get bounced ... the trainors better up their game. It is early but I just think Luke can be as effective as Davis and has more hops under the hoop ... not much but enough to give him an advantage. If he plays with desire, energy & heart consistently then I can see him inheriting Davis' role which I guess means the C's could look to trade Davis after all before the deadline, no? You really think they'll wait on the draft before deciding on Davis' future here and miss out on a possible trade?
    Posted by Mployee8

    Glen Davis is a veteran with playoff experience. If we're talking about the regular season then Harangody can be just as effective as Davis. But the playoffs is a different story, Davis has proven that he can be counted upon to get the job done. How Harangody plays under pressure remains to be seen. In other words I wouldn't want Harangody matched up with Odom or Gasol in a Finals series at this point in time. 
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    Re: On Harangody

    We need someone to have our Token Hopes realized on the Celtics. I think Harangody is exactly like Welkah, Edleman, and Woodhead!!  Therefore, we will overvalue his actual worth just because he gives us Hope. 

    Sadly, in 2010, the 94% still lives on around here. 

    Truth is, 'gody is the 11th or 12th man right now.  He might be of some use as the season develops, who knows. Is he an NBA starter? Not even on the 12-70 NJ Nets would he be!  He could become a servicable 2nd stringer, such as Powe (and Im not comparing skills, just skills needed).  The 2010-2011 season will not hinge upon this guy, thats a guarantee!