In response to Petey62's comment:

I don't think the Celtics will win a first round matchup with New York.  I'm simply being realistic.  However, it would not surprise me if the Celtics were to win its first round series.

The Celtics, more so than any other team in the NBA, have what Erik Spoelstra calls that "championship mentality".   Since a huge part of winning is mental, that will never erode and will always be there in any series.  With that, the Celtics always have a shot - see Miami series last year.

It's just hard to negate the loss of Rondo.  Forget the regular season, his absence in the playoffs is my biggest concern.  I just don't see us advancing.

I agree....while it's possible that they will advance further than the first round..I was not expecting anything more from them this year. Perhaps if there some substantial moves in the offseason..who knows...but there weren't. The Celtics need to get younger next year. I would be very surprised to see KG back in a Celtics' uniform next season...very surprised