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    Half measures never get you anywhere, and Danny Ainge has gone balls to the wall to not only keep the Championship Window open - but he's now opened another window

    Jeff Green is the PERFECT running partner for Rajon Rondo. Let it be known that the Celtics now have 2 of the next Big Three already in place. Jeff Green is already a borderline All Star, and him and Rondo are gonna be dynamite together. RUN RUN RUN !!!

    I've been banging the drum for a bold radical move for months now and I'm glad Danny saw things my way. (you're welcome !) Jeff Green and Rondo are gonna lead the team in minutes, Green getting minutes at 3 positions. Miami raised the bar this summer , the Knicks raised the bar getting Carmelo, and even the Nets are gonna be coming hard with Deron Williams. I LOVE that Ainge just added a young All Star and now no one can look at the Celtics as the over the hill gang sliding toward irrelevancy.

    Perk was great playing next to Garnett and if he signed the deal he was offered, he'd still be here. Now WYC can offer Big Baby $30M to stay and they have the expiring Kristic to eat up minutes for the last 25 games (also as insurance for the playoffs)

    I'm shocked to see Semi Erden and Harangody get traded, but Ainge OBVIOUSLY has a deal in place for Troy Murphy/and/or others unknown... Enough with all the talk about Murphy not being able to play D or play tough. He's been unpopular with the Fantasy Nerd crowd only because he was overpaid , but even so, he is flat out a MUCH BETTER rebounder than Perk ever was , and put him next to KG or Shaq and watch how tough he looks. Then there's the issue of Semi's shoulder...didn't Doc say many times that Semi was one play away from being out with season ending surgery ? Kristic is a huge upgrade, he's been getting 21 minutes a game on a run and gun playoff much better could Ainge have done ? He even got a #1 draft pick thats gonna be in the top 15 ! 

    No one is gonna miss Nate with the bigger and better Von Wafer , and by the way - Delonte West is back !

    Give it up for Danny Ainge making the biggest boldest move since landing Ray&KG ! 

    Getting Jeff Green doesn't just keep "the window" cracked open, IT SMASHES OPEN another 5 year window and keeps the Celtics in the top tier with the Miami Vice for the ENTIRE LeBron era.

    I can't understand some of the other comments posted here tonight. Write off the Celtics this season ? Pfffft ! Maybe write off tonight's game in the thin air of Denver, but adding Jeff Green and Kristic , getting Delonte back , Shaq ready to come back next week, J'ON apparently further along than we thought.............and 3 open roster spots that will be filled with upgrades over who they had ? How can Celtics fans not be over the moon tonight ?????
    Must be that crappy Boston weather that has everyone depressed !


    HAIL TO THE THIEF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Thanks, glad you talked Danny into this trade...

    all kidding aside, I see the value of this move IF Shaq is healthy.. really the future should not have come in the way of the 2 year window to win a title.

    If the Magic were looming (and clicking like last 2 years) instead of Chicago and LA was running away with the West AND someone like Dudley or Battier was made available to us... than Perk would have gone nowhere. I thought a package of Semih, Avery, a pick and Nate was fair for either of those above players but I guess it wasn't enough.

    So now we can cross our fingers that Green helps us more in the 2nd rd and finals than Perk would have and shaq can play like he did in November in May/June.

    You never say Dwight Howard's name... are we meant to assume he is the 3rd member of the 'new' big 3 you are talking about? no 5 year window has been smashed open unless he arrives, and that is still a pipe dream.

    Green is going to want like 5 years and 55 million... he is a restricted FA at years end.... so no way you can possbily give Baby 30 million and still expect to be under the cap to make a run at a max player/Howard next summer.

    Pierce - 16.5
    Rondo - 11
    Green - 9.5
    Avery - 1.75
    '11 pick - 1.25

    That is 41 million... cap has to be at 56 to afford a max player.. it was at 58 this year but should go down w/ new CBA. Like your enthusiasm and the possibilities present and future of this trade but many of the ideas in your post are flawed or unfinished.

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    I like the trade with OKC. I think Perk was foolish to turn down the big multi year deal the C's offerred him. I said that than and I'm still saying it now.
        Green is a terrific young player who can play the 3 and 4 positons. He runs the floor well and is also a good outside shooter. He's going to give us more youth and speed. What's funny about this trade is the C's got all the pieces back that they traded away in the Ray Allen trade. All except Wally Sczerbiak. Jeff Green and Delonte are back. Who nows, maybe Leon will be back in green here any day as he was released by Cleveland. Boston has plenty of open roster spots now.