One Quarter At A Time.

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    One Quarter At A Time.

    time to break this down to the simplest form.

    Win every quarter. thats the goal.

    If we win 9 of the possible remaining quarters, we will be where we want to be. No more pacing the starters. Its time this team gets its act together and plays as the aggressor.

    The Celtics must play angry for 12 quarters.

    I still support The Truth, KG, Ray Ray, and Rondooooooo. but we also need Glen Big Baby Davis to step up and dominate. D-West to keep destroying them off the dribble. Green to hit shots when available. and JO and Shaq to start throwing people down.

    Beating the Celtics is an accomplishment. It is not easy to beat the Celtics in even 1 game. They did it 3 times and the 4th will be the toughest.

    I am not ready to say bye to the Big 4 era. Lets keep this going.


    The Celtics can take this thing back, but they MUST play furiously every minute of the series that remains. Start fouling hard. Run hard up the floor. Bring the Physicality back.

    We aint goin down like this.
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    Re: One Quarter At A Time.

    Don't let go without a fight.
    This team is no stranger to adversity.
    They won't be quitting.
    Would be very pleased and not all that surprised if they cool off the heat in game 5
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    Re: One Quarter At A Time.

    In Response to Re: One Quarter At A Time.:
    The Celts lost their size advantage when Doc had to let Delonte defend Wade. If the Celts best 5 right now is composed of KG at C, Pierce at PF, Ray at SF, Delonte at SG, and Rondo at PG then the Celts are doomed. The Celts got outrebounded 28-45 in Game 4. Need I say more? 
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    Re: One Quarter At A Time.

    DWest did a great job on Wade... Id like to see him get more minutes and use ROndo less... hes shown his heart & guts but hes less effective with that elbow..

    Also West gave us some nice shooting from the perimeter too..

    Move Ray off of Wade, should make life a bit easier for him as well and help him get on the break for spot-ups.. instead of chasing Wade into the lane cause Ray cant stay in front of him at all..

    and please, lets play JON a little more than usual... unless BBD has the breakout game we've been waiting for the entire playoffs..... we need production now and Doc has to stop hoping BBD comes through... give him a chance cause we need him, but if its not there, sit him