Til October baby, then we can start all over again!!  I believe we will be better than a lot of people think we're going to be! The great but slightly older big three will hopefully be back healthy this go round, Green will be better next year, i hope Delonte comes back again and stays healthy this time. I like Krstic better then some othewr posters, and if used in the right way can help us win some games. If we keep Rondo fine, and if Danny moves him, maybe we will get a point that can give us some much needed offense.  We need a couple guys who can score coming of the bench, and we also need some rebounding in a big way, hopefully DA can come up with a couple guys who will help in both those departments!
Also don't forget about Avery Bradley, i have not given up on him being a very good player for the C's yet!!

 I had much rather lose as a  Celtic fan, then win as a fan of another team!!  Because when it comes right down to it, there's no other team that comes close to the Celtic's, and no greater fans then Celtic fans, and the guys and girls who post on this board everyday, no matter if i'm arguing with someone or agreeing with someone, there is no doubt that they are Celtic fans. As My friend Fierce said, Win or lose i'll be with them every game!!!  Always a Celtic!!