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Our Bench

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    Our Bench

    last season the team had trouble scoring when the second unit came in.....that shouldn't be a problem this season.....we have added four new veterans....Jeff Green has already been discussed...but in addution we have...

    Jason Terry (the Jet age 36)....former 6th man of the year and a key piece to a championship team in Dallas...he is 2 years younger than Ray and also a better athlete and defender

    career 16.1 ppg/4.7 apg/.448fgp/.380 on the threes

    last season in 32 mpg he averaged 15.1 ppg

    Courtney Lee (age 27) ....great athletic skills

    career 10 ppg/.439 fgp/.380 on threes

    last season in 30 mpg he averaged 11.4 ppg/.425 fgp/.401 on threes


    Leandro Barbosa (age 30)....not sure just how many minutes he will see.....but

    career 12.5 ppg/.461 fgp/.391 on threes

    last season in 22 mpg he averaged 11.1 ppg/.425 fgp/.382 on threes...

    add Sully to this mix and you have 5 new faces that should be able to put up some points for us...I am very excited about the mixture of youth and depth....and Bradley is now ahead of schedule.....remember he turns 22 this season and is a dynamic defender..!!!

    Great job Danny!!

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    Re: Our Bench

    I really like the Jet's attitude..This dude is going to bring it every night..and especially during crunch time.

    Lee has a nice in between game that will pay dividends when the offense breaks down.

    My favorite, Sully, will probably have to come off the bench the first half of the season.

    I see him really pushing Bass out of the rotation. Doc may be hesitant to do this because of what happened with Ray. But at some point, you have to do what is best for the team.

    Barbosa is a question mark at this point. But he may be faster than Rondo and has a scorers mentality.

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    Re: Our Bench

    Starting the year with a bench of Barbosa, Terry, Green, Bass and Wilcox/Darko/Collins is one of the best benches in the league.  OKC has a great bench, as well.............

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    Re: Our Bench

    Celtics bench looks very capable of maintaining and increasing leads during this season.  Doc has a plethora of options in his rotation and will use varying lineups in building the chemistry necessary to bring home banner #18!  Danny did an exceptional job of surrounding Rondo with parts needed to accomplish the one true objective and it appears highly probable that it will get done, serious injuries notwithstanding.

    As Always,


    CELTICS RULE THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Re: Our Bench

    Remember, Bass was a reserve player through his career until last season.  He only started because of the move to center by Garnett.  Will not be an issue if he comes off the bench.  He will get his minutes.

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    Re: Our Bench

    I hope Doc doesn't take out 5 and put in 5 bench players.  I hope he mixes and matches so that bench players are playing with starters.   Otherwise, we'll have a great bench playing against another great team that has 2 or three of its tops stars in the game and we could still lose too often.

    Best bench in the league, but ithas to be used properly!!

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    Re: Our Bench

    Doc has gone on record that there many combinations to use, but to find the right combinations takes time..Some combinations will work and other will not. I still see this team off to a great start early in the season, especially if we play well and or beat Miami...

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    Re: Our Bench

    There are some very good benches in the league - nuggets, spurs, clippers, to name a few. in terms of pure depth I'd go with the celts at this stage (think positive signs from sullinger and green and the barobosa signing push them over the edge), though it's very close, and there are at least a handful of teams that could be just as good or better. this list assumes everyone is healthy, something that isn't true now, and probbaly will never be, but anyway...

    celts (with bradley): sullinger; green; terry; lee; barbosa; wilcox; mlicic

    sa spurs: neal; d green; blair; splitter; p mills; bonner; s jackson

    clippers: j crawford; g hill; l odom; r turiaf; m barnes; e bledsoe; hollins

    nuggets: mozgov; a miller; w chandler; c brewer; k koufos

    t wolves (with love and rubio) barea; d williams; ridnour; g stiemsmsa; c budinger; a shved; admunson; cunningham

    okc: harden; collison; maynor; p jones; d cook; aldrich; r jackson; h thabeet

    bulls (with rose): t gibson; hinrich; teague; radmanovic; r hamilton; mohammed

    dalls (with west and nowitki): marion; brand; west; beaubois; wright

    heat: r allen; s battier; r lewis; m miller; j anthony; n cole; r carney

    ny knicks (with stoudamire) jr smith; j kidd; s novak; m camby; r brewer; wallace; thomas





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    Re: Our Bench

    I love Doc!  "If we could play 10-on-10, we would beat everybody.  But you can't do that, it's five at a time on the floor."

    I am waiting to see formula he cooks up.

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