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Our Defense

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    Re: Our Defense

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    The concern I have is that Green and Lee have not helped their value and Gortat may have multiple suitors.  

    With Gortat it's not about Lee. It's about Melo and the draft picks the Celts will be offering. Remember, the Suns traded Nash for 4 draft picks!

    Green and Bass can be packaged for Marvin Williams and Millsap later.

    He's always right!!!!! ROTFLMAO!!!!!!! Debbie Downer34!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

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    Re: Our Defense

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    Porous..............layup line.....................we got  beat by a tieam that right now is much better than us!

    NO!!!! REALLYYYY!!!!! Even the Bistons are better than us Shurlock.

    Who are the Bistons??  And, isn't it SHERLOCK?????

    How embarassing that you even claim to be a Celtics fan!!


    (which you aren't)

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    Re: Our Defense

    Hard to bang the boards when your entire team is running to the other end of the court as soon as the shot goes up.  I just don't understand this philosophy, especially when they're still giving up a ton of points in the paint.


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    No big, burly guys to snare rebounds. KG can't/won't, Pierce gets some, but he's too small, Bass has the build to look like he can rebound, but guess that's not his strongpoint. Sullinger fits the mold and does rebound, but how much can a rookie be expected to do?


    Yes, the team, full of new guys, will take time to meld. But they need some board bangers, and this team, as constituted, can't get it done. Will take a couple years more of good draft picks at forward to get the team the rebounding it should have. Meanwhile, the Celts will hover at the .500 mark this season, missing the playoffs.




    And Doc needs to quit worrying about the Lakers and concentrate on his own team's many problems.

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    Re: Our Defense

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    Looks like we over paid for Jeff Green. 9 Million bucks for 16 Mins. Green, when the coaches only play you 16 mins in the game, there's a reason for it "Son."   

    The good thing is that 9m can be traded for another player worth 9 or 10m. We'll just have to wait a few months.

    Why would another team want to trade for Green if he isn't very productive?  

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