Pacers gagging so far in mid 2nd Quarter

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    Re: Pacers gagging so far in mid 2nd Quarter

    In response to Fierce34's comment:

    Karl is desperate.

    There was a time he switched his profile from private to public just so he can trick me into making my profile public.

    Yesterday he edited my reply to pud just so he can feel good about himself in the morning.

    And tonight, he's suddenly Ray Allen's biggest fan when it was just the other day he was hoping the Pacers would beat the Heat.


    Your life revolves around me...Im in your head and its lonely in there...  See if you can go one day without obssessing over me.

    Youre shook up because I have superior basketball knowledge, have played and coached the game... Im confident youre a fan that really hasnt played the game much, if at all.. it shows in your posting. Youre always looking for confrontation and have a couple nerds as your sidekicks always nodding their heads like bobblehead dolls at whatever nonsense you post.

    Wanna bet you react like a nitwit to this post? Oh, almost forgot, youre the last person to ever make a bet with.... no honor or integrity, thats you


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