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    think bout it. both never really on da superelite lists for extended periods but when da biggest lights were on both stepped up like no or few elites ever have. clutchiest of the CLUTCH! pap like pierce used to b a debatable HOF'r now its only an issue of what level of HOF'r. both will b on that next level brigade with da reggie millers, karl malones, dwayne wadesss+pippens.

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    Re: PAPI = PIERCE?


    Ortiz is the common thread through 3 World Series titles over a span of 9-10 years.

    He's been out of his mind good when it was absolutely needed that he be the man.

    He demands respect from hard-nosed major league veterans.

    Pierce scored a lot of points on bad teams, hit the big time when KG and Ray arrived and won a ring, and was occasionally absent when he was needed, i.e., against Orlando and Miami.

    My vote is PAPI > PIERCE.

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    Re: PAPI = PIERCE?

    i couldn't say about = or > or <. i can say nobody ever wondered with damn good reason if pierce was juiced.