Parsons Available (RFA)?

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    Re: Parsons Available (RFA)?

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    In response to kyceltic's comment:

    Parsons is either going to stay with Houston or be traded to Minny in a bigger deal for Love.
    For what we would have to pay Parsons, i would just as soon stay with Green.  When Green brings his A game, he's a much better player than Parsons.  Yeah i know, he doesn't bring his A game enough, well maybe next season he will.

    You know better than this! He's NEVER going to change, he's consistently inconsistent...he needs bipolar medication!

      You're probably right, but i was comparing him to Parsons. If Green was played for the Rockets last year he would have been the third best player on the team and would not have had to try and carry them. That would put him at his best. On the other hand if Parsons played for the Celtics last year and had to be the best player, he would have been way worse than Green in my opinion.

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    Re: Parsons Available (RFA)?

    Celtics Blog:

    Starting tomorrow, we will get a first hand look at whether this year's free agency period can live up to the madness of the past couple of weeks. The Celtics, to whatever extent they can, will be involved and it's safe to assume that they will continue to pursue a trade for a name like Kevin Love or, if unable to satisfy the Minnesota Timberwolves' demands, possibly someone like Houston's Chandler Parsons, as the Rockets continue to try to clear the deck for a run at either LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, or both.