Part of me Died Friday Night.

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    Part of me Died Friday Night.

    Being a long time Celtics fan from the 60's there has only been a few times I have shed a tear. I idolized John Hondo Havlicek, Larry Bird, and Kevin Garnett as basketball players. When Kevin was removed in the waning moments of game 6 and he and Doc Rivers embraced you could tell by their actions that they knew this was it. The end of the road for Kevin in a Celtics uniform and the end of an era. You would usually term an era longer then 6 years but with Kevin Garnett it has seemed as though he has always been a Celtic for his entire career. Like with Hondo and Bird tears welled up in my eyes when Kevin came out of the game. Even though Kevin's number will most likely not be retired they should put up a banner some where in the Garden with a picture of KG and a big heart. He was the heart and soul of this team for 6 years. Thanks KG for all you did for the Celtics and the City of Boston. You did us proud.

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    Re: Part of me Died Friday Night.

    Nice post....I totally agree....and, who knows, they just might retire his number....he gave it all and left everything on the court every single night..! He will always be remembered as a true Celtic warrior!

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    Re: Part of me Died Friday Night.

    Let's not get ahead of the decisions that have yet to be made.  I completely agree about KG's impact and importance to the franchaise, and maybe I'm just holding on to hope, but if the Celtics do the right thing and allow(?) PP to play another year, then Garnett stays and we have another, more predictable time to enshrine both players into the "All-Time" Celtics club.  That's my unabashed fantasy.

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    Re: Part of me Died Friday Night.

    KG said that the roster must be retooled in order to compete with the elite. THis could mean one of two things.

    1-He will wait to see what Ainge does with the roster before announcing his final season.

    2-He is offering what needs to be done going forward without him.

    Selfishly I would like him to announce that next season is his last but I have a feeling we saw his last.

    Doc, PP and KG should all go out together.