Pats & 49ers in Super Bowl

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    Pats & 49ers in Super Bowl

    Would have been last year too if that idiot Kyle Williams had not let a ball nick his knee 1/4 inch---if he stays away I don't care if ball was downed on 1 ft line, you don't turn ball over. Then, although Harbaugh walks on water in SF, he keeps him in the game for OT & Williams fumbles & they kick a field goal...put in Gore to receive so Harbaugh a bit at fault too.

    Anyway, hope Pats fans are rooting for 49ers this weekend as SF wants to avenge their loss, and as I am a Pats fan first, to avenge the 2 Super Bowl losses.

    Need Pats to win for themselves by knocking off Seahawks this weekend but helps SF too as they are in 49ers division.


    I thinks 49ers & Pats would be a great Super Bowl. Brady much better than Smith but 49ers running game a bit better so I would say it's about even with slight advantage to Pats. But I would give defense advantage to 49ers. Anyway, as a fan I couldn't lose as I'd root for Pats first but wouldn't be devastated in Niners won !!!

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    Re: Pats & 49ers in Super Bowl

    I think maybe your lost.