Perfect Opportunity

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    Perfect Opportunity

    I think season is the perfect opportunity for Stevens to focus on developing a smart, innovative, and complex system.


    In years past, Doc's system had to be fit around a big three. Pierce, Ray and Kevin had to be the focus, because they were our stars and were going to play 40mpg.


    This year, especially with Rondo out, there is no super-star. We have a roster of role players 10+ deep. Stevens has a 6 year contract. There are no expectations to win. Our team has a variety of skill and athleticism, so there are no gaping holes.


    I want to see Stevens use his detailed approach, analytical mind, and ability to take risks to create something that hasn't been done!

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    Re: Perfect Opportunity

    For me, I'd like to see a system that uses 12 players. A system designed to create turnovers and score on fast breaks. I think that fits the style of Green, Avery and Wallace. In such a system, I could see actually playing a 6 guard rotation where you have guys go hard for 5 minute stretches and then get rest. I envision waves of hyper-aggressive players wearing down the starting 5 on the other team.


    Obviously there'd be more to the system and I am certainly not a coach. I think that there is enough BBIQ in Rondo, Avery, Sully and Olynyk to run some very heady plays. 

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    Re: Perfect Opportunity

    Agree with the points above.

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    Re: Perfect Opportunity

    The Lakers last night showed what can be done with ten good players.

    We have ten good players, but no one great.

    It is a long season, and if you play everyone and keep them fresh, it helps.

    Doc preferred to ride the old horses until they collapsed. Which they did.