perk and rip

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    perk and rip

    the more i digest the perk trade, the more i think DA got the better of the deal...we get green, a #1 and a 7 foot center who can shoot...they get a dinged up role player in perk and a poor man's spud webb in nate.

    also, per ESPN, rip was closer to being a celtic than some of us realized. he nixed a deal that would have sent him to cleveland to be bought out. then the celts and bulls would have made plays for him.

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    Re: perk and rip

    What if Shaq gets injured AGAIN, and JON isn't 100%? Our biggest weakness last year was length and rebounding.

    I'm not sure if our front line can hold up through the playoffs. We'll see. This was the riskiest trade I've seen in a while.