A few things that I'm tired of hearing and reading:

Maybe the Cs would have been better without that trade, maybe not. What would Pierce have looked like by the time the playoffs rolled around without a backup? West isn't his backup. Davis isn't either.

I know Doc said he would have waited until after the season to address it, which would mean a 2011/12 team without either Perk OR Green as the Cs made the max offer they could, and he declined it. Sometimes you take a chance, this one didn't pay off immediately, but I'm certainly glad Green will be around next year (restricted FA, assuming he'll be back). So, assume for a second the Cs kept Perk...and lost in the playoffs anyway...how many people would be calling for Ainge's head for extending Allen, thereby using up the money to resign Perk?

On that note, Ainge TRIED to trade Allen at the end of last year, and had a deal in place...ownership reportedly didn't want to assume Caron Butler and Antawn Jamison's contracts. Bad move, Butler is a cornerstone player, but they passed, which led to Allen resigning, which will lead to the Big 3 being extended 2 years beyond what the original plan was. http://www.nesn.com/2010/02/report-celtics-talk-with-wizards-regarding-ray-allen-caron-butler-and-antawn-jamison.html

The failure this season had to do with 4 specific players: Shaq/JO/Nenad/Murphy (and where'd Baby go? He's done). If ANY of these 4 players were useful at all, or approached last season's numbers the Cs wouldn't have missed Perk nearly as much. I figured at least ONE of those guys would be ok, I was very wrong. Ainge took a risk, and it didn't work. He took a risk a few years ago and acquired Allen...which led to Garnett. That gamble paid off, and everyon'es happy, one doesn't and he should be fired? Moronic.

I honestly don't think Perk was the difference between the Cs getting beat 4 games to 1 or winning the series. Is he really enough to be the difference in THREE more games? He's more valuable to OKC because of his experience, something that's not a luxury in Boston. His toughness translates in either place, but would that have kept Rondo from dislocating his elbow?

Perk was a love/hate relationship, let's not overstate what he was, or overreact to a trade that didn't go 100% the Cs way. It happens.