Perkins trade

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    Perkins trade

    I just read one fan's take on the trade....sending Perk to OKC helped Danny add valuable pieces that improves our depth and makes us younger...(and Perk was going to leave in all probability)

    Jeff Green (athletic and skilled 6'9 swing man...14 ppg while starting the majority of his career)

    Courtney Lee (6'5 shooting guard who hits 40% on threes and plays aggressive defense...will start while Bradley is out...4 yr career 10 ppg while starting about one half of the time)

    Fab Melo (athletic 7 footer.....good shot blocker, good hands, very good feet as a result of growing up playing soccer....a project like Perk was perhaps but already further along at this point with a much higher upside)

    Personally, I think this trade looks great right about now.....didn't like it two years ago when we looked like we had a shot at a ring....IMO, Danny knows what he is doing...
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    Re: Perkins trade

    The Perkins trade two winters ago may turn out to be a good trade without even considering Green doing well or failing  because Melo might end up being much better than Perkins ever was.

    Of course, that is a guess/hope at this point and the Celtics have had somewhat of a hole in their center position last year, but Melo will be better than Perkins.

    It will not be this year, but also remember that Perkins did not make many contributions in the first year of his time in Boston either.
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    Re: Perkins trade

    "...not athletic"???? I beg to differ.

    (From my lil bro's channel page) 

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