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you got that racist jabros or jabracists? everything you say after that is just bla bla.. i'm not racist but..... bottom line of bottom lines is if you're a white supremacist or racial supremacist you b racist.. and thats the bottom line because da commy says so! i dont want you posing with other men on social media, no beef.. dont want u associating with other men, ditto.. y target specifically black men? fact this meathead cant grasp this most basic truth says a lot about him, his defenders and the culture. it really isnt that complicated.

da commy keeps it simple. nothing necessarily wrong with it but if you're attracted to dudes and you're a dude or ever got busy with one, you b GAy.. period! i've run into a few folks per example who try to rationalize that.. doesnt matter if u also like performing for gals, it is what it is. truth is truth, A is A.. how many legs will a sheep have if u called the tail a lEG? still 4! if u call ur head a pumpkin, still doesnt make it halloween! a joke is a joke but putting your finger IN A DEAD MAN'S NETHER REGIONS is damnn provoking! translation: there are always lines one should and can not cross! call these commydisms (commy wisdoms) if u will!

can one change? YES! first one must accept the what is. so if ur sterling , come out and admit your racism and ur outrage of being that vile. then get help.. i'll b the first one to forgive and start over. but nothing can b done regardless of apologies if one refuses to look in a mirror and admit the obvious. same goes with the many misogynistic males in this and every culture. cant stop vile against women incl in nigeria with those gals, if MEN dont admit that its all part of a larger hatred and insecurity campaign of men towards women. men have to change to stop violence and caste degradation of women. whites to stop racism against blacks, straights with gays, theists with nontheists and so forth. u dig? see power first must take the initative before the power minorities can b whole or reciprocate!

now go hug your mommy and give her a great mother's day something something!.. i'm out, PEACE!