Here are my observations:

Hollins is not good on defense.  When KG went out and they let him watch the store, Horford got repeated inside and out wide open shots due to poor focus by Hollins- the transition buckets by Horford were terrible to watch.  Maybe Hawes doesn't offer as much running.... but ?????  Horford's crucial outside shots when we were bleeding to death on another 14-4 run by the Hawks- Hollins was not even close to Horford.  Hawes shoots a lot outside....  doesn't bode well for Hollins v. Hawes matchup 

Why does Hollins get floor time over Steamer to begin with?  I do not understand it. We don't get enough fast break lob dunks to offset the bad D.

Bass v. Brand is not something that we will want to see 30-36 minutes of.  Bass has not played well on defense, to put it mildly.  To his credit he has amassed some nice individual stops in each game, but overall, he is failing at both individual and help system defense, plus his offensive stats are awful for a starting 4.

What about KG?  How about if we let him and his 7-1 in height work on defending Elton Brand, try for 20-25+ minutes of KG use in this role- (less running around outside on a guy like Hawes) instead of a whole game(s) of KG v. Hawes and roll out the Steamer project for SUBSTANTIALLY MORE MINUTES to hang around and blanket Hawes and help protect the basket. 

When you give Steamer minutes, he will produce good defense- and blocks- in his short time in there tonight, I saw two different Hawks drive the ball and turn around and go right back out because Steamer was there- we NEED that sort of boost to our interior D!  And he rebounds at a decent pace- if we keep putting off the glasswork onto KG like this, he will get tired.

Now, the mechanics of how you do it... 

If you took away Bass' starting position he might go totally down the drain mentally, you don't want to do that, even if he isn't playing like a starter.  Let him start out on Brand and play half to 8 minutes of quarters 1 and 3.  Let him go more if he's doing particularly well.  YOU WOULD THINK that if there's one thing Bass COULD do WELL against Brand is run him into the ground up an down the floor....  but who knows what will actually happen.

then move KG to the 4 and Steamer has to get 20+ minutes, if he's playing well then 25.  Plug the number hole with some Hollins, but not a lot of it.

Isn't this a formula for (more and easier) success?

I love the way KG is playing but am afraid we are going to use him all up at the current rate of "usage".

5: KG           18-20 mins
    Steamer:  20-25 mins
    Hollins       3-10 mins

4: Bass         15-22 mins
    KG           20-25 mins
    Hollins       Plug number if any