Who is calling Pierce - a good defensive player?

Classic example:

Last night against the Bulls, time after time, he was giving so much room to Deng and not even contesting his shots, by raising his hand and jumping and Deng knocked down 3-4 daggers, from all corners.  Why can't he body him up and play close to him? Where is the pride? He's definetely slowed down.

Last night's performance was just sad against the Rose-less Bulls.  If Rose played, they would get blown out.  I love Noah's energy and instinct to grab every rebound and putbacks.  Just amazing!!!

C's need the following improvements:

1. Wilcox/Garnett/JO/Johnson - Rebound and box out
2. Garnett/Rondo - Score more
3. Ray/Pierce - Drive to the hoop and don't over-dribble
4. Dooling/Pietrus - Knock down the 3 and play hard nosed D
5. Johnson/Moore/Sasha - Bring energy like TA, Baby, Nate
6. All - Make your damn free throws at a high rate

My prediction: C's will just cruise incosistently, throughout the season and will be done in I round in the playoffs.