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Pierce or Hondo, who was better at SF

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    Pierce or Hondo, who was better at SF

    If playing career/scenarios were reversed: I picture Pierce playing with Russell, Cousy and company and being a beast, filling the lane ane winning multiple titles. I picture Hondo playing with Antoine and Kenny Anderson, and going nuts until KG arrived at the end of his prime.

    But if all things were equal, who was really better. Pierce was more explosive, but Hondo NEVER got worn down. Both could defend, make clutchs shots and handle the ball.

    I think we all agree Bird was number one. But who is number two?

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    Re: Pierce or Hondo, who was better at SF

    Unfair comparison if you try to compare championships.  Pierce has won so many games and because Hondo won one ("Havlicek stole the ball") couldn't do that in every situation just like Pierce can't.  One miracle win doesn't make Hondo the better player.

    Don't know who I'd pick.  Pierce is the better one on one scorer.  Hondo is like Rip hamilton or Ray Allen times 10......he ran and ran and ran and got open without the ball to get clutch shots.  Loved Hondo.

    I'm going to say Pierce but by a very slim margin.   Two great players, though.
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    Re: Pierce or Hondo, who was better at SF

    They are both great in their own way.  Bird could play in any era.  I think I agree Hondo is awesome on a fast-breaking team, not so much Pierce.  Pierce is great in an iso/slow down kind of game, Hondo not so much.

    What kind of team do we have?  I really can't choose between the two...BUT Pierce is without a doubt the better scorer!!
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    Re: Pierce or Hondo, who was better at SF

     Hondo was before my time and it's hard not to see pierce killing it back then however, Hondo won multiple championships in each of two different eras of basketball.  He also did more than just stealing the ball.  I believe he knocked down a buzzer beating shot in the triple overtime "Finals" win against the Suns in the 70's.  

     I agree Fierce.  Pierce had his chance in the 2010 final and didn't come through with a special game to say the least.  Ray Allen did something special by shutting down O'bryant (I can accept that as the reason he was gassed and couldn't hit a shot at the end even though it still bugs the crap out of me).  But Pierce doesn't have an acceptable reason.  He didn't come up big in the big moment.  He and Artest have had many battles over the years and it was never as one sided as it was during that game.  Hondos never ending energy might have made a difference during the final five minutes.