PIERCE speaks TRUTH to the Kobe: "Shut up already, y is this news...."

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    Re: PIERCE speaks TRUTH to the Kobe:

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    celts are sporting major swag nowadays, not just with their own issues but with other teams. first jet makes it clear the heat do not impress him and he thinks nothing of their streak then pp gets up on kobe's grill. said he saw it and that if it wasnt kobe, this wouldnt be an issue. i hve seen it too and actually agree with kobe.. then again, a no call was likely fine.. cant see intent. had he not stuck his leg out, no biggie.. just a fluky thing.. stufff happpens!


    What are you saying? Was Rondo fouled by Wade when he hit Rondo in the face in Game 2 against Miami and would've given us a victory? What is the issue here? The NBA makes game changing mistakes all the time.  And Kobe gets more than his share of those calls.

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