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Pierce stunk the joint out last night.

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    Pierce stunk the joint out last night.

    It was really pathetic.  Dribbling into traffic, getting shots blocked, launching bad threes....airballs to boot.  Who does he think he is freelancing like that?  The defense was atrocious, but Pierce was awful...embarassing....put him on the bench....he can't do this anymore.

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    Re: Pierce stunk the joint out last night.

    pierce has been a class act through thick and thin for us.  you know what stinks is doc rivers- this ENTIRE TEAM came out of the gate with a flat line for vital signs this year- you don't get that unless you have a coach who has turned rotten like  carton of old milk.

    last night, if i was pierce, i'd be disgusted with the organization that they don't even have a back up point guard.  how many years of the last SEVEN with rondo on the team HAVE they had a back up point guard for precious rajon?  you know for the time when rondo gets scared late in important games or for when he's injured?

    i can come up with maybe a COMBINED 1 year of those 7 and that's really stretching it.  ancient sham cassell, stephon marbury, just a few haphazard band aids is all.  keyon dooling- a terrible back up PG but at least something and they couldn't manage to retain him for vet min b/c kris joseph is more important.

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    Re: Pierce stunk the joint out last night.

    Sometimes I wonder why you don't just give up posting, Acie.  No matter what the thread starts out about, you start writing about how much you hate Doc.   We get it, man.  You have made your position clear.  Please start sticking to the point of the thread And don't be so angry, my man!

    as for Pierce, he did stink last night, but I can forgive him because he also plays so well at times (witness those recent 30+ point games).   Paul stinks at times but the rest of the team is supposed to pick him up since he's often carrying the team.   Only way you sit him on the bench is that Doc and Danny have already given up on the season and you just want young players to get playing time.  In that case, you trade him.