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Pierce Trade Value Elevated!

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    Pierce Trade Value Elevated!

    Lebron says Paul Pierce is his biggest rival over Durant, Bryant and everybody else.

    Do the Celtics keep Pierce until February? or trade him before the draft this month?...that is the question.

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    Re: Pierce Trade Value Elevated!

    I still believe and have for a long while that it'd generate supremely bad Karma for Boston to part ways with Pierce. 

    I doubt he'd retire with the money that he's owed for this season. But he really ought to think about retiring while he still has something left to offer. Rather than a player who has gone on a year too long. 


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    Re: Pierce Trade Value Elevated!

    That does not increase Paul's value...

    Lebron said that because its Pierce who had sent him home all those years in the finals. Lebron finally broke through in 2011 with the 4-1 win in the semi's but lets be real, we no longer had Perk, Shaq's only use was for comedic relief, and Jermain was about to show us why he would be let go the next year. Green & Krystic were too new to fit well in our system. So in 2012, that 7 game series again with Miami was validation for LeBron over Paul and the Celtics. 


    Ultimatley, Paul is Bron's rival because Paul & the Celtics likely stopped Lebron from getting a ring until 2012, when really he could have had like 3 by that point. It is no indication of the future. Paul certainly isn't LeBron's rival for 2013, 2014, 2015, etc... 


    Also, those clutch 3 pointer in Lebrons face ... really has to have hurt.

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    Re: Pierce Trade Value Elevated!




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    Re: Pierce Trade Value Elevated!

    People undervalue and underestimate PP's defense, and they are not considering what he was asked to do in Rondo's absence.  No worndown player performs to his potential, no matter the player's age.  With both PP and KG forced into less than optimal roles, and without anyone else but Green to take over any significant responsibilites, the outcome was no surprise.  The Celtics were two positions (three really - no true deep-threat shooter off the bench or starting at the 2) away from not only beating the Knicks, but, I believe, they could have beaten Miami.  But those players were not available and they still did well enough with what they had.  The team reflected a never-give-up attitude that started with Doc, PP, and KG.  Trading PP means losing KG, and if Pierce is seen as a veteran player that can put other teams over the hump, doesn't that increaase his value here?  Pierce could not bring equal value, no matter what LaQueen says.

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