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Play Randolph

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    Play Randolph

       Thank you Bass.   You're the only one on the team trying to get an offensive rebound.   JG w/ his length isn't thinking of getting close to the offensive board even tho he just stands still if he doesn't have the ball.   I never agreed w/ Doc that O boards are not important.   I've played too much ball in my life to let someone tell me that.   Being a pro coach or player doesn't make you an above all expert (see Rodman, Russell, McHale-Bird-Parrish etc).
       That is why Randolph comes in.   He goes to the glass.   Can give Bass and KG some rest.   Can shoot ft's if gets fouled.   Has played in big games at Duke.   Can fight (figuratively) w/ KMartin.   He's turnover prone, but I'm not talking mega minutes.   Maybe just 3min/half and see what happens.
       Good to see CLee on the bench.   He hasn't been able to hit an open j all season.   And, he's suppose to be a shooter.  
       JCrawford is agressive, but he needs to learn not to turn the ball over.   He's like TAllen.   We fans are as scared that he will give the other team the ball as much as his teamates.   It's the playoffs.   Can't turn it over!!!
       Another bad for DA.   In 6yrs since Cassell and still he hasn't been able to obtain a back-up pg!?!?   What's wrong w/ he and his staff?!?! ...  I see KDooling is playing for ( )!   What's up w/ that?   Did he not really want to retire or was he given the boot or what?   He's better than CL, can hit an open j.   Plays tough d.   And is a pg even if he doesn't have his foot speed anymore. ....  I just don't understand the judgement of talent of the Celtics organization.

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    Re: Play Randolph

    We all know realistically, Randolph is not getting any playing time this year in the playoff.

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    Re: Play Randolph

    Randolph will play if there are some injuries.. If he plays well, Doc will be credited  for being a genius and developing him... like with BBD


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    Re: Play Randolph

    In response to Kirk6's comment:

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    In response to Kirk6's comment:


    We are playing the worst fast break team in the NBA.

    There is no reason not to go for offensive rebounds.

    I am always shocked how a shot goes up, and the Celtics just stand outside and look at it. No one goes to the boards.

    One of the reasons I don't like Doc Rivers as a coach.


    Kirk ... That's Doc's defense first strategy. Our guys must get back ahead of the opposition in order to establish the defense. Doc doesn't want to see the ball advanced or fast breaked (broken) for easy baskets. It's his philosophy and I don't agree with it all the time. It depends on the opponent and the situation in the game. There are times when we s/b going after OR's and a time to concentrate on D and Doc has only one mindset ... Ugh!!!



    I don't like it at all, especially in the playoffs. There are very few fast breaks in the playoffs.


    I hate to say it, but if Rondo were here, he would be getting offensive rebounds.

    Give me John Wooden's philosophy...."Assume every shot will be missed."

    I have to agree Kirk, In the win in the B Garden we kept people back and got the OR! It worked! I was shocked!!! NY isn't a real fast break threat except for RF at times. Stay home..use Randolph some (at least try it) KG and Paul need relief . They are our heros!!!, don't burn them out. CW yes! TW yes! and to you DOCC  I loved Dooling's game!