In response to BostonProSportsLover's comment:

i'm going with paul pierce! mj would be a great decoy though. the man is STILL the best player on the entire hornets roster. is that great for him as a player or bad for him as a GM? he is still an above average nba guy for 15-20 minutes a night. you want terrence williams.. really? mj would be the new grant hill.. play him in the 4th and let him shut down a carmelo or 2.

Of course you go with Pierce are you kidding? MJ is 50 years old and hasnt even played an nba game in over a decade. Paul Pierce is the truth, hits clutch shot after clutch shot. Paul Pierce is a future HOF and still in his NBA career. MJ is way out of his NBA career. Now if you asked who would take the last shot in their primes that be a good question but MJ at 50 and Pierce at 35? Come on lets not disrespect the truth here.

P.S. MJ is the owner/GM of the Bobcats not the GM of the Hornets.