I haven't added the actual total other than just glancing at it but the C's and getting more free throws than our opponent this year,  I by a pretty good margin thanks to one game.   When is the last time your remember us getting more free throws than the opponent hardly ever?  Maybe were taking it to the rim more than we realize.

We also have gotten our scoring up,  which if I remember we were probably at the bottom on the league last year.  Someone correct me if i am wrong.

The other was the amount of pts we scored in the 4th quarter last nite. 32 pts,   I remember so many games last year where we are playing ok and then the 4th quarter comes around and we score about 15 pts.  That is nice.

Jeff Green was assertive last nite taking it to the rim  which was very good also.  That IMO is a lot better than Jeff hitting outside shots.  Jeff can finish,  he just needs to do it more often.

The things still not corrected are the rebounds as we are still at the bottom of the league. Don't think that will change with our current roster.

The other thing is our FG% has dropped from last year.  I think that will rise as PP and JT and Bass will probably get their averages up a little.

Just get tired of focusing on the bad,  especially when there are some positives to look at.