I'll be taking the summer off, as I have no interest in spending all summer reading the antics of Lakers trolls, the fulminations of the "Fire Doc/Danny/Rondo" crowd, or speculations about trades that won't or couldn't happen.  But here are my thoughts:

The main thing that killed us this year was injuries.  If the O'Neals and Delonte hadn't been down so much, we wouldn't have had to play the Big Four so much during the season and they wouldn't have run out of gas.  If Marquis didn't go down, we />>might<< not have had to trade for Green.  That doesn't mean we wouldn't have still lost to the Heat -- but we might have earned home court and the series might have started differently. 

I like that Doc will likely be back.  He's one of the best coaches in the league -- good teacher, good Xs and Os, level headed and realistic -- never gets too far up or down.  We don't need a screamer.  I am confident Danny will tweak the roster.  I'd like to see Delonte, Green, and Big Baby re-signed.  Think Krstic is a good 2nd unit center.  When JON came back in the spring, I think he earned our respect, but we still need a younger starting center.  Feel bad for Shaq (yesterday he apologized to Danny and Mike Gorman for "disappointing" them), but even Mack trucks eventually break down.  I think we can make a good run next year, if the roster can stay healthy.  We can't keep being the only team in the league that could earn a guest role on ER.

I think I would "like" Chicago to win the Championship.  Never really warmed up to Dallas, unsure that Memphis or OKC can beat them.  I may not like the Heat, but they did what everyone hoped they couldn't, and as Bob Ryan said, the idea that three players on any tean can score 88% of the team's points over a period of 6 quarters is remarkable.  I'm not sure I like the idea that stars can collude and determine where they'll play appeals to me -- but at least it's not like baseball, where a few rich teams can use the rest of the league as a farm team.  

As long as we're competitive, can stay ahead of the Knicks, and can say we're classier than the Lakers, I can live with that.

Have a great summer, guys.  (And trolls:  Good luck on your algebra finals.)