Powe to Celtics?

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    [QUOTE]Quote in Yahoo sports Powe has played in just 14 games this season, averaging five points and 2.7 rebounds, but says his surgically repaired knees are no longer troubling him. A member of the Boston Celtics ’ 2008 championship team, he could hook on again with the Celtics if he clears waivers. The Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat could also have some interest. “When you have a chance to get a new start during the season after you lost all those games, you always want to go to a playoff team to help them better themselves,” Powe said. “I could see myself back over there in Boston. I could see myself in a number of places though.
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    i think it becomes pretty clear that once you can't get off the bench of a team that loses 20 something in a row, that you are pretty much done in the NBA.  i mean c'mon- anderson verjelo left the building for the season a month or two ago and jj hickson is stinko.  if leon can't break that lineup then he has no business going to a contendah. 

    remembah, leon's knees have betrayed him starting when he was age 20.  he's blown them both out 2 or 3 times apiece.  there's only so much you can do when each time you lose something off the high end.  it's a sad story for a guy who formerly led the country in scoring.  hopefully he's good with his money and can catch on somewhere on in europe for  a few more years.
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    Re: Powe to Celtics?

    Leon was always a favorite of mine.  He played the inside with strength and position - a really tough, solid performer.  If he can still move some he'd be worth having.  We don't need scorers but a good rebounder would be most helpful.  It doesn't worry me that he did not play much with Cleveland - my concern is health. 
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    Re: Powe to Celtics?

    Leon had an MRI in January which confirmed a torn meniscus in his right knee and so he hasn't played since Jan 5. 

    He also had was hampered by knee problems earlier in the season.  The Celtics could possibly get some limited play from him in April, but as many have said, his knees are just too shot for any sustained productivity or real value.