Sorry, just farting around. 

For my money, I hope this season does not happen at the expense of getting rid of guaranteed money for stiff like efforts of Mark blount, cavlin booth, jerome james. 

The transiency of the game is losing me as a fan.  I don't want to see two or three career losers like cramalo, amare, etc have to come to the same team to hog up $40M of payroll combined and then call that a championship team.

Talent development is really underrated right now.  Look at how these kids "develop".  Our Rondo, an incomplete player with one thing holding him back now, for six years and running. 

I'm tired of this game and I say give Rajon a full calendar year with the witch doctor in fiji so the union can get their heads straight.  the turkeys are lucky to have paying fans because almost none of them have a college degree or ever tryed at school, so what else would they be doing?