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    Re: pressy

    In response to cabutan's comment:

    In response to 37stories' comment: can hate Rondo and still understand that there are about 50 point guards in the NBA that are better than Pressey.

    I promise. You can.

    And I don't think Chris is trying to say he is the best out there. You are missing the thread and the big picture of it all. Pressey is the Celtics backup PG, itswhat we have no comparison is made. And that he is indeed a good PG. His recent success combined with his successful starts are only to be avoided by someone that doesn't want to admit he is indeed good specially for his size. 

    The thread says "Pressey is playing better, should we trade Rondo?"

    I think you and Chris need to read it again.

    And no a PG that shoots 30 percent from the floor and 61 percent from the line isn't good. For any size. Pressey is probably about the 50th best pg in the NBA.

    If one follows basketball one knows that.

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    Re: pressy

    Pressey might have potential (AB was terrible in his first games). So far Pressey is one of the worst PGs in the game. If you just look at his win/loss column as a starter you are caught by the moment.

    Similiar as many people after 3 games claimed that Rondo has improved his shooting or after our 10-12 start than we are a better team than the year before. If you look at statistics you should consider the sample size.