i must admit these stats surprised me. i presumed the celts were doing great but assumed they were in the top 3 or 4 not hands-down #1 in just about every stat.. all this minus peaches. when he returns and from watching him dance before the game yesterday, he WILLLL be back, this team will be unstoppable in the playoffs. they can beat both the bulls and heat as tomorrow night will start to prove!

the most shocking stat is that technically BASS is our best individual defender. even more impressive for he plays a demanding position where he's against a superstar almost every night. he's the highest ranked by far (on the team) at
9th in the league in points allowed per possession. at .063. by comparison, here are the stats for the others you would consider to be better:

Avery Bradley: 0.70 (21st)
Kevin Garnett: 0.73 (33rd)
Rajon Rondo: 0.74 (41st)
Paul Pierce: 0.76 (62nd)