These past three games prove to me why the Celtics are the best team in the NBA. The determination and heart shown by the players give me something, as a fan, to be proud of. Although the celtics lost tonight, I am probably more pround now to be a celtics fan tonight than at the begining of the season. Personally, I want to ride out the CPP and KG train as long as I can, because those two make me happy to be a celtics fan.  For me, it is just icing on the cake if CPP comes back for less, but I would gladlly take him for 15. I think my fondest memory of the Celtics in recent year is the game six loss last year. How many teams fans stay in a blowout to chear on their team? I think that speaks to the heart of this team, and that, is why I am proud to be a Celtics fan.