OK, here's another example. Carl Landry from Purdue looks like a superstar last night, and guess what, both E'Twaun Moore and JJ Johnson had more impressive careers as Boilermakers. These guys need to play! They will never never reach their potential without playing significant minutes. Even Mike Gorman says these guys need to play. Doc, Danny, I have faith in you guys, but let's jetison JON, Avery, and possibly Marques, and go with Moore, Johnson, Bass, Pietrus, Stiemsma, Wilcox, and Dooling. We need to save those veteran legs. And as I've mentioned on many posts, let's get Garnett's 'butt' down on the block where it belongs getting high % shots and collecting doubles on rebounds, instead of doing his Antoine Walker imitation, jacking up long range jump shots all game long.