Ray indirectly puts the blame for his leaving on the Celts. Said that he & KG thought DA would step up and offer Ray more when he was leaning towards the Heat like they wish DA had done with Posey. Yet what he fails to say is that the C's were already offering Ray more money!

Anyway, I hope this b.s. motivates the Wyc & DA even more to kick Ray/Miami's a** next year!

Allen said he texted Garnett once he started to be swayed by Miami's pitch: "When I knew I was leaning toward Miami, I actually sent a text out to Kevin, just to let him know," Allen said. "I just remember this process when Posey left us. He left and we just really wanted him back and he went to New Orleans. We didn't get a chance to get Danny to try to give him a little something extra, whatever it was. I didn't want that to be the case with me in this situation, so I texted Kevin, I said, 'Hey, I'm leaning this way. I just want you to know.' He said, 'Well, Danny will step up to the plate and do whatever you need him to do.' I was like, 'We'll see.'