Random Draft Trivia

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    Random Draft Trivia

    In the 2003 draft, the New York Knicks drafted Slavko Vranes, a 7'7" Serbian giant, with the 39th pick.

    A couple months later, in December 2003, the Knicks released Vranes outright and Portland immediately picked him up on a 10 day contract. He was not resigned after 10 days, went back to Europe, never to be heard of again.

    On draft night, the talking heads proclaimed what a great pick it was and how he was the sleeper in the draft with good athleticism, good hands and court sense.  I mean, how bad can a 7'7" uninjured player be, to be released so quickly and unceramoniously.  


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    Re: Random Draft Trivia

    2nd round picks will always have less than a 50% chance of making an impact.  Add to the fact that he played in Europe (inferior competition) and you have your answer.  Impact players don't last til pick 39.