I think Rashard Lewis is the guy the Celtics wanted Jeff Green to be (and might be)

Put Lewis next to KG and PP and that's some firepower.

Put him at shooting guard with Rondo

Celtics biggest problems are: 1. lack of rebounding  2. lack of scoring punch, they are a low scoring team 3. need to replace aging core with younger players

Rashard Lewis is still worth $8M - $10M a yr  (KG is worth $12M)

He would be a bigtime free agent acquisition , bigger than David West or Brandon Bass , and a better value on a 2-3 yr deal than a 4-5 yr deal with Jeff Green (which is what it will probably take to re-sign him)

Rashard Lewis in green ? He certainly would have been an upgrade (especially covering LeBron) over the guys who played against Miami (Bass, Daniels, Hollins, Stiesma, Pietrius)

2yr deal with Lewis, him and KG would be good together  

I say yes , what say you ?