Rasheed's contract = possible deals for a wing player

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    Re: Rasheed's contract = possible deals for a wing player

    It's certainly possible that a trade may be made with Sheed's contract. As I've logged before, I'm comfortable with what the C's currently have. If Daniel's and Wafer aren't cutting the mustard, the C's can always make a trade during the season.
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    Re: Rasheed's contract = possible deals for a wing player

    We might be able to sing and trade Scal if we wait until the deadline.
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    Re: Rasheed's contract = possible deals for a wing player

    Very good Thread!
    If the C's can make a deal with Prince there second unit

    J ONeal
    G Davis

    would have Starting Play-Off Potential in the East.
    Unfortunately the Pistons would be stupid to trade him for Robinson an Sheeds contract. And for the C's that would cause a problem at the PG position with only Bradley as Back Up.

    Battier would be nice too and IMO more likely.

    Howard seems to be out of sight and needs recovery first.

    Ariza is only a dream but a great one (with his laker history).

    Posey, well, great memories, but does he still have the first step to
    compete with LeBron? I doubt it, but if he still has sth left...

    If Perk returns healthy in spring the C's have J Oneal as backup for KG.
    G Davis could be included in a trade as well (I know, I know, I like him as well). 
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    Re: Rasheed's contract = possible deals for a wing player

    I'm hoping maybe Bradley or Erden show signs of being great so a guy like Prince could be gotten if we throw one of them in with Rasheed and Nate to sweeten the deal.

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    Re: Rasheed's contract = possible deals for a wing player

    I like Battier or Posey.

    There are a couple of flaws your Prince trade, which makes it moot:
    1. Nate was a FA and thus can't be traded until Dec 15

    2.  By then, we won't have Sheed's contract anymore, as I believe the "value" of it expires when training camp opens.
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    Re: Rasheed's contract = possible deals for a wing player

    I'd include Baby or Perk in a deal for Prince, as well as a our #1 pick, in a heartbeat, he'd be the missing part of a championship core

    Perk will not be 100% this year, Shaq and JON can hold the center spot all season long each only playing about 20 mins a game (Shaq prob less and JON more, as I expect a good season from Jermaine and Shaq is 6 years older). Perk is a Fa at the end of the year, we could offer him the MLE to come back if we want. But the long term plan is to have the cap space summer of '12 to offer a max deal to Dwight Howard.

    Baby meanwhile is a pretty important player and since he is healthy would prob be more useful than Perk in terms of resting the old frontcourt and getting a better seed. But PF can be manned by KG, JON and Prince should/would be given some time there, so we'd be ok.

    Imagine a lineup of Rondo-Ray-Pierce-Prince and a healthy KG running the floor?
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    Re: Rasheed's contract = possible deals for a wing player

    In Response to Rasheed's contract = possible deals for a wing player:
    [QUOTE]With the Celtics numerous offseason moves they've been able to aquire; a replacement for the injured Kendrick Perkins at the starting Center spot (Jermaine Oneal), brought in a backup/possible replacement for Jermaine at the other Center spot (Shaquille Oneal), re-signed Ray and Paul to keep the nucleus together, drafted a good young PG/SG in Avery Bradley to give Rondo a possible future backcourt running mate, and also brought back Marquise and Nate and added Von Wafer to create a solid looking bench for this upcomming season. The only problem with all these moves is that there's one glaring role on the roster that seems to be missing, keeping this group of guys from being a PERFECT team, and that's the back up 3 -spot. Now i know some people out there might say, "well there's Marquise Daniels already in that role." And if we were gauranteed next season to get the Marquise Daniels from the first half of last season, i'd say "you're correct!" But Quissy showed that he's still injury prone(He's never played a full season in his career), that he can't hit a shot outside of 15 feet, and that he can't be counted on to play steady minutes to help rest Paul Pierce. So as i see it, Marquise is little more than a stop gap, and safety measure, at this spot as of right now. THat leaves us with only a few sad, no better than Marquise, options left in the free agent pool to possibly fill this role right? Wrong! We have Rasheed Wallace's 6. 3 million dollar contract as trade bait remember?  So that leads me to some possible deals involving this contract that would help the Celtics get significantly better at this position. Of course in the past there's been talk of A leandro Barbosa deal, but that fell through when he was traded to the Raptors, and lately it's been Rudy Fernandez of Portland who the blog-o-sphere's been talking about as a possible trade target. But he only makes 1.2 million next season and the Blazers have no one else on their team that they'd be willing to deal to make this trade work, unless Greg Oden and his 6 mill is available, or the just-signed Wesley Mathews and his 5.7 mill is available. SO the following here is a few options I've come up with (From best to worst) that i feel the Celtics should explore with a trade involving Rasheed's contract, though some are just as unlikely as the Rudy one, but bare with me here I'm at least trying to think of something, right? Name - Team - (contract) 1. Tayshaun Prince - Detroit - (11.1 million - 1 year) - Tayshaun Prince would be the perfect get for the Celtics at this back-up three spot. He's long, plays great defense, can also play the four-spot, and can score very well from inside and out (He's esentially a younger version of what James Posey was a few years back). Prince also has the ability to even fill in as a starter should (knock on wood) either Ray Allen or Paul Pierce go down with an injury next season. Of course the glaring problem with him coming to Boston in a deal for Rasheed is his large contract. But a deal including Nate robinson (4.2 million - 2 years) would make the numbers work almost perfectly. Detroit's been looking for a deal for either Prince or Hamilton in the last two seasons, but nothing's worked for them. Maybe cap relief and a sprk plug like Nate could get this deal done this time around though. I'm sure Tayshaun would love to play for a winner again. This would be the greatest possible solution, but likely wouldn't happen until the trade deadline when Detroit officially realizes that they're barely the eighth seed, at best.  2. Shane Battier - Houston - (7.3 million - 1 year) - If Prince is the 1A option, Battier is the 1B. They esentially bring the same things to the team (great defense, outside shooting, leadership) But likely Battier isn't going anywhere, as the Rockets think they're a playoff team even without Yao Ming healthy. They may be right, but come the trade deadline they may be thinking differntly. Again, like with Prince, he won't be available until the deadline at best, so it might be wise of Danny to wait until then on these guys, and deal with a Marquise/Wafer tandem until these two are up for grabs. They're the only perfect fits out there. 3. Trevor Ariza - Houston - (6.3 million - 3 years) - Like Battier, he wouldn't be available until the deadline, but he might be the more likely one dealt by Houston, should the Rockets suddenly stink and want to deal some of this high payroll that they've spent the last two seasons (Their current payroll is almost identical to the Boston Celtic's, Money well spent? I don't think so.) Not the best option, and a 3 year deal would hurt the Celtics for the future, but if desperate and this as the only decent option, the team might want to look at it. 4. Donte Jones - Indiana - (2.5 million - 2 years) - Like with the great defensive stopper Bruce Bowen before him, the Celtics had Donte Jones for cheap and let him get away, not knowing exactly what they had. He's only 6'6" so guarding a guy like LeBron at times one on one might be a bit of a problem (He allowed James to score 22, 32, and 40 in their games last year) But in a team defense like the Celtics, Jones would easily be as good, if not better, than Tony Allen was last year. Jones can also score pretty well, averaging just over 10ppg last season and shooting 46% from the field which gives them an added plus over Marquise. His contract would make a deal have to includ another Pacer in order to make the numbers match. So either a guy like Jeff Foster (6.6 million - 1 year) would have to be included, or a combination of Tyler Hansborough (1.9 million - 1 year) and Solomon Jones ( 1.5 million - 1 year) would have to be grouped in to even things out. A decent option, though not the best. 5. THaddeus Young - Philadelphia - (2.9 million 1 year) - Thaddeus has been part of the 76ers rebuilding core since he was drafted two years ago, so you may think he'd be untouchable. But with the drafting of Evan Turner likely moving Iguodala to the three-spot on their team, Thaddeus could be expendable if Turner shows he's capable of starting right away. Thaddeus plays the three and four spots, so he could move to Power forward for the sixers in this above mentioned scenerio, but the team is stuck with Elton Brand's 3 year 15 million contract already playing there, so they might be willing to deal Young for some cap relief. A deal of course would have to include another Sixer to make the money work, so if the Celtics were willing to take on say, Lou Williams' (5 million - 3 year deal) They might be more willing to do this. But the C's would hopefully try and make a Willie Green (3.9 million - 1 year) addition to the deal more likely. THaddeus can score and play great defense, and is Posey-esque in that he can also move to the PF spot. A great get if they could, but not likely.    6. Al THornton - Washington - (2.8 million - 1 year) - Al Thornton was a guy on the Celtics radar back in the draft that brought them Ray Allen and Glenn Davis, so they know what he can bring to the table. he's a good scorer, decent defender, and has the size to play both the three and four spots, like Thaddeus Young(another guy from this same draft) He's shown he can play in this league, averaging 10 ppg, and 4 rpg last year for the Clippers, though having been a Clipper, no one really knows how good he is, which is why he was dealt to Washington for cap relief in the first place. Being that he's in Washington, though, makes him an easy get, as nobody on their roster, except John Wall, is untouchable. A deal would again have to include someone else to make the money work, maybe Nick Young (2. 6 million - 1 year)? But a better idea might be to have the wizards re-sign Josh Howard to a deal of around 3 million and include him with Thornton, giving the Celtics an even better possible option at the 3 -spot should Howard come back fully from his injury. If Howard is included, i'd move this one up the list a spot or two. 7. Josh Howard - Free Agent - If helathy, or looking like he will be, A sign and trade with Washington could be a great option. get the money close to equaling Rasheed's 6.3 mill, or take on another guy from Washinton with a bad contract to make it a sweeter deal for them. Again, if healthy, i'd move this option up with Battier as the second best scenario. He's an all-star caliber player both offensively and defensively, and would give the Celtics a young guy to fill Ray's spot should he leave next year. He has shown in the past to be a head-case though. But apparently the Celtics can manage those guys well(see; Nate Robinson, Stephon Marbury, etc. . . ) 8. Martell Webster - Minnesotta - (4.8 million - 3 years) - The length of the contract makes this very unlikely, and the fact that he's never been the best defender also makes this a large figment of my imagination. But he can score, no doubt. Plus he's a T-wolf, and their idiots over there, and they'd trade anyone if you just ask them nice enough. So as a last option come the trade deadline, the C's could think to do it. It'd have to include a guy like Sebastian Telfair (2.7 million - 1 year) or Wayne Ellington (1 million - 1 year) to make it work, but that's easy to do. Not the best option, but is a option. 9. Carlos Delfino - Milwaulkee - (3.5 million - 2 years) - Last year, especially in the playoffs, Delfino showed that he's a great defender and that his offensive game is back to the form it was when he was playing with Detroit during their championship years. He's a bit undersized at 6'6" to guard LeBron, but is scrappy enough to make it work in limited minutes. He can also shoot well from the outside, which is something the C's still need coming off the bench. A good option, not the best. 10. James Posey - New Orleans - (6.4 million - 2 years) - We know all about how great and perfect Posey was for this team during '08, but that's not the posey you'd be getting now. He still scraps, he still plays great team defense, he's still going to get you some tough rebounds, he's still going to block a big shot and get that needed assist. But it's coming at a heavy pricetag, and over two seasons where his step is just going to slow more each year and his value as well. If he were an add-on in in a deal for Rasheed's contract, i'd take him in a second! But not as the main guy unless there were no other options. I'd maybe move him up a few spots on this list if I knew he was just dogging it a little these last two seasons on bad Hornet teams, but that's not Posey.   So there you have it. Some creative and interesting possibilitys for trades involving Rasheed's contract, though most of them won't be likely until the trade deadline, which is when i think Danny should wait to pull a deal, as Rasheed's expiring contract will be much more valuable then to one of these crazy teams who think they're better than they are now, but will then be realizing that they're not going to make the playoffs and are going to lose lots of money. So hold that card tight until the perfect deal comes along Danny. We can make do with Marquise and Wafer until then.
    Posted by antoinew[/QUOTE]

    And this is just a super super post btw

    Glad so many people realize that we are a defensive SF away from being champ favorites

    Danny get to work!

    You can toss Nocioni into that list as well. Nocioni and Posey could simply be had for Sheed b/c they have 2 yr deals around 6m per year and their clubs would just give them to us.

    Prince and right after him Battier are my top two choices (Ariza/Thaddeus Young are not for sale), but those two would cost assets
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    Re: Rasheed's contract = possible deals for a wing player

    We have to get someone before the trainning camp starts
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    Re: Rasheed's contract = possible deals for a wing player

    Zach Lowe of Celics Hub on Hughes and Fernandez.


    Ah, Larry Hughes. A career 40.7 percent shooter with a well below-average three-point shot and an infuriating habit of taking long two-pointers outside the flow of the offense. He can be a plus defender and a creative offensive player when he’s engaged and unselfish, but signing Hughes adds another “if things go right…” player to a bench that is already crowded with such players—Nate Robinson, Shaq, Wafer, Daniels. 

    The reason Rudy Fernandez is an attractive option is because he has known, certain NBA skills. He will shoot around 40 percent from three-point range. He’s unselfish, and he can run the floor. He has known liabilities, too, but there is a reliability to his game these other players lack. 

    Of course, Portland’s asking price for Fernandez includes at least a first-round draft pick and possibly more; one report claimed the Blazers had demanded Taj Gibson from the Bulls in any Fernandez deal, a demand that derailed those trade talks.