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Ray Allen is just awful

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    Re: Ray Allen is just awful

    Yes, it could have been a lot different.

    I have nothing against Ray and it is not his fault that he played so many minutes ineffectively, that is where Doc has the lever and should have dolt out minutes more appropriately.  But Ray is not a better defender than Pietrus at this point in his career and definitely not better AB.  We want Ray in there for his offensive ability and when he does not have it on that end, we are better off with those other guys in the game for defensive reason.  Philly scored over 60 points in the second half because we had terrible match up defensively and rebounding deficit.  I can't imagine we would have done a lot worse giving more of Allen time to Bass/Pietrus/AB.  It was still pretty much still a tie score in the last minute or two at the end of the game.
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    Re: Ray Allen is just awful

    Doc definitely should not have played Allen as much as he did. He was outcoached flat and simple. 

    "Extending Doc Rivers for 4 or 5 years was a horrendous decision by Ainge."

    Not sure I agree there, coaching stability is a selling point for players and historically Boston has trouble attracing and keeping talent. Moves to warm weather cities are becoming more and more common. But NBA players like playing for Doc, so from a pure recruiting standpoint I'd argue it was a good move to extend him. That said I may change my mind if he coaches as bad as he did last night. :)
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    Re: Ray Allen is just awful

    In Response to Re: Ray Allen is just awful:
    In Response to Re: Ray Allen is just awful : Yes. We would have won.
    Posted by Kirk6

    You are such an hater. Did you had ONE single good word about Ray the entire season?

    Piertrus stinks big time this postseason, on both sides of the floor (besides 3-4 threes he has given us NOTHING, zero, nada). Ray takes it to the rim at least ten times as much as Pietrus. And has at least twice the BB IQ.
    AB is clearly undersized in all his matchups so far in the postseason, is hurt as well and commited stupid fouls 30 ft away from the basket, with the team in the penalty.

    Ray did not have a great game, but wasn't the only one tonight. And he is clearly better than Pietrus and even AB this postseason. Especially at the defensive end, in rebounding and attacking the rim (which is a surprise even for me).
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    Re: Ray Allen is just awful

    Odd thing for me is that his free-throw average as been poor during the play-offs. Perhaps due to injury.

    I'd imagine his free-throw routine is mechanical, the ankle must be affecting the release in some way.
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    Re: Ray Allen is just awful

    This is getting stupid!!! First few people say Ray Allen need to come back to resign with the team after he scored 25 points in that game.  Then people are bashing Ray cuz he only scored 3 points or  5 points. 

    If you want to blame someone, blame Bradley for getting into early foul trouble!!!!

    Doc had to change his game plan by rotate different players from game time to game time!

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    Re: Ray Allen is just awful

    I just cant way for Ray to drill a few three's in a game and then you will all be back on the bandwagon.
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    Re: Ray Allen is just awful

    I can't stand the people who overreact after a loss and say things like Doc is a horrible coach.  Gimmie a break dude, not only is he not a horrible coach, but most people with basketball knowledge consider him one of the best(that's why danny gave him an extension).  Not to mention he is a key component in recruiting free agents to play here as most players want to play for him, and I'm pretty sure a poll was done with NBA players and Doc topped the list as the coach most players wanted to play for.  The reason Bass wasn't playing as much as most of us would have liked is because of his foul trouble, so doc limited his minutes earlier and then continued his normal sub pattern to give guys rest(he may not like Bass's team defense as much either, especially when philly goes "small")  I wouldn't have minded seeing Pietrus play some of Allen's minutes, but don't forget that even though ray wasn't scoring, he still opens up the lanes by forcing philly to guard him close because it's not like Ray was missing wide open shots, they were contested.  Our bench is thin and we need more from Bradley, but I woudn't mind seeing Quis and Peitrus in at sg and sf as they are long and can defend Philly's athletic players.  Give us Jeff Green and Wilcox, or for that matter even just Wilcox, and we win the series easily(with Jeff Green and a healthy Ray/Paul I would have liked our chances in the finals).  No bigs coming off the bench is the biggest problem even if we win this series.  Hollins isn't a threat offensivly at all and on D he is solid at best, as his main strength is defending the pick and roll.  Danny put together a good team, but we had bad luck with the heart issues, and injuries(JO would actually be useful if he played like last years playoffs).  I resign Ray if he signs for cheap(and is healthy) assuming the Celtics add free agents to actually contend next year(maybe Garnett will sign for a large discount realizing that Danny can use that money to get free agents that will help win him another ring and cement his legacy/he is the only player to sign 3 100 million dollar contracts so he doesn't need the money).  Plus Ray's work ethic along with KG and Paul is a nice example to others.
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    Re: Ray Allen is just awful

    My bad I think I was wrong on the KG contracts....heard it recently on weei, but just looked it up and unless they were referring to endorsement deals as well, KG has only signed two 100$ million contracts.  That's what happens when you listen to Glen Ordway...unless I'm missing something.
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    Re: Ray Allen is just awful

    In Response to Re: Ray Allen is just awful:
    Doc Rivers lost this game. Ray Allen was a minus 24. Pietrus or Pavlovic or Moore would be better! Or play Bass and Bradley instead of "going small."
    Posted by Kirk6

    You're right.  It had absolutely nothing to do with how we played in the second and third quarter after we blew opportunity after opportunity after opportunity.  It had nothing to do with Rondo's play nor KG's being cold nor Philly hitting shots they normally miss nor our getting KILLED on the Boards, again.   It was all because Doc played Ray rather than Moore and Sasha and the rest of our D-league/Cast off players as a bench.  

    Our bench is where it is because of injuries.  Did you really think injuries to Green, Wilcox, Ray, Paul, Bradley, and even Steimsma wasn't going to make the Celtics play ugly and would have nothing to do with us struggling at times?

    We will win this.  Have some faith.
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    Re: Ray Allen is just awful

    In Response to Re: Ray Allen is just awful:
    If Rivers doesn't replace Ray, we might lose the series. With the injury, he just can't play.
    Posted by Kirk6

    If you think that's the swing factor, how do you explain the difference in game 3 vs game 4?   Did Ray not play in game 3?  

    Ray is playing terrible and between being hurt and the Sixers  not straying 2 feet from his body, he's giving us nothing.  

    But, the bigger issue is what our achilles heel has been all season - we don't rebound well and we don't have a low post presence.   We will rise and fall on the basis of how well KG, Rondo, and Pierce play (attacking the rim or not and rebounding or not).  its as simple as that.  Check the stats on Pierce's and KG's and Rondo's rebounds and how often they got shots inside the paint and you'll see the difference in our wins vs our losses.