Ray may hurt Heat.

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    Ray may hurt Heat.

    First caveat.Even though most of us are  not happy with #20, We'll all be scared any time we see him shooting wide open for a thre,e especially if the game is on the line.. 

    But having said that Ray is a shooting guard like D Wade. which means one of three things. 

    1) Dwayne Wade is on the bench when Ray is playing. which doesn't bother me because while Ray is dangerous he is less dangerous than Wade. And our two guards of Lee, Terry, Bradley, and Barbosa can take advantage of Ray's defensive liabilities. 

    2) The heat are going small and doing something odd like Ray at the the small forward while Wade is on the floor. Which gives them certain matchup options but means Ray has to guard Pierce or Green. (likely Pierce) a bad matchup for  the Heat. 

    3)  Wade moves to point, Ray  plays 2 guard. which means Wade, Allen, Miller/ Battier, James, Bosh. vs Rondo, Terry, Pierce, Green Garnett. 

    This is interesting because I think playing the point will limit Wade's effectiveness. I kind of see this as an end of game scenario. It puts  chalmers on the bench, which again means Ray is guarding Terry or Lee and Pierce or Green is guarded by Battier.   Giving us two matchup advantages on the floor. 

    All three of the above scenarios I think play somewhat into our hands. 



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    Re: Ray may hurt Heat.

    Great post..and I agree. I actually was talking to a friend about this today and we both assumed that since Ray is coming of the bench that Wade will be ..for the most part..sitting when Allen is on the floor.

    That being said..I don't think Allen really adds a single thing to the Heat.Like you stated..no matter what the scenario involving Allen..the advantage is to the Celtics. I think Allen has peaked . Beyond tonight's game..I don't think he's going to get nearly the kind of playing time that he got when he was a Celtic.