most likely, obv not 100% a fact

Ray's career avg's in 3 point percentage is 40% (and 41.5% as a Celtic) and points is 20 (16.5 as a Celtic).

2010 playoff he was close -  38% and 16.1 points.

But suffered through the dirty injury Artest inflicted on his leg early in game 3 (a classic scummy take-down move after his historic 8-11 3 point shooting in game 2). After that he couldn't get his normal lift/release and went 0-8 in a home game 3 that Boston was down 2 with 2 mins to go before falling by 7.

He went 4-28 from 3 after the Artest take-down. LA can thank him that it didn't end in 5 as much as they can for his prayer 3 in game 7 (a game we all know the ref's gave them in a 4th quarter joke).

2012 Ray was abyssmal as we just saw playing through the bone spurs - 30% and 10.7 points

Considering his career #'s and how close we were in so many games that he just couldn't buy a shot (FT's included), we'd prob have won the title with even a less than career 47/43/86 Ray shooting % putting in 15 a game.

We almost certainly would have in '10 if we got the Ray who put up 17 points and 42% on 3 in the other 3 playoff series and 32 points on 8-11 before he was thugged.