"The Celtics need to develop a plan that can get them past the Miami Heat in the future, because the Pierce-Garnett-Allen trio has proven it can’t." Copied & pasted from a Globe article.

Utter Stupidity...Did Bird, McHale & Parrish not be surrounded by better players.

As good as Kobe, Bynum & Gasol were, their supporting cast couldn't carry them. We need some help, Miami got it with Battier & Bosh in crunch time hitting dagger 3s.

Painful to see Heat winning first half at OKC...shows how tough we really were and I bet we could have given OKC a battle too !!!


Keep Big 3, Rondo, Bradley, Bass, sign Wilcox & Green & keep   JJ & the rest are tradeable. Biggest need for 6'11"---7 ft Centers and if they need come from the draft so be it. Stiemsma & Hollins are not the answer