Even though the draft went exactly the way I didn't want it to....as it all ended I tried to be positive about it.....(the only thing I could come up with is maybe Sullinger could become a rebound machine) But this morning I wake up to read this.....


Seriously?  You drafted a player with all of these concernes....he doesn't seem pleased in anyway with his selections...If KG doesn't come back we have moved from a reload to a straight rebuild (these two current draftee's not part of the plan) 

Rondo: Allstar..best passer in the league...played more games then just about any other point guard in the NBA the last 5 seasons
Bradley: Stud Defender who always plays hard but has a long history of being injured aand often
Aging Paul Pierce...can't score the way he used, cant bored the way he used to.....and no replacement to the scoring on the bench 
JJ/Sullinger:  Not Proven (JJ) but healthy and athletic, Sullinger a smart ball player who knows how to use his body, but has serious back concerns along with limited athletic ability and height.
Fab Melo: he's tall.

That's our team folks....everyone we have under contract....maybe KG comes back but most of our other pieces don't look very nice together.  The last time I doubted Ainge he had just traded away our #5 pick for what I though was an aging Ray Allen who ankles would never be the same...a few weeks later he got us KG.  There are still Free Agents out there and trades that could be made but I really don't see how the picks could have gone much worse.