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    In Response to Re: Realistcally : Actually man all we know is some anonymous guy told yahoo sports we were that close to a trade like that. It's just a rumor.  As far as the orginal question goes yeah I would have blown it up.  No doubt.  I love Pierce though.
    Posted by snakeoil123

    I would have been very upset if Pierce was ever traded.  A lot of my friends who are NBA fans also agree that Pierce should retire with the Celtics.   He deserves the right to retire with this team and shouldn't be in any discussions about trades.  He carried the team when they were awful and before Ray and KG were on this team. 
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    Re: Realistcally

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    In Response to Re: Realistcally : I  wish  you  were  right  about  getting  the  18th  banner.  But  REALISTICALLY, the  Celts  aren't  going  to  come  out  of  the  East.  Although  they  have  played  well  since  the  all-star  break  and  have  not  been  at  full  strength, the  Celts  rebounding  deficit  is  too  much  to  overcome.  I  can't  ever  recall  a  Celtic  team  which  rebounds  as  poorly  as  this  one.  They  continually  give  the  opposition  second  chance  points.  And  against  the  elite  teams, the  Celts  will  be  exposed.  DA  should  have  traded  PP, RA  and  KG  at  the  beginning  of  the  season.  I  love  those  guys, but  it's  a  business  and  the  Celts  desperately  need  to  get  younger  and  more  althletic.  The  Celts  have  some  promising  young  players  ( ie.  Bradley )  and  they  need  to  build  around  RR  and  Bradley.  
    Posted by zeitgeist49

    Celtics of the future can, and hopefully will, build around Rondo and Bradley, as well as Bass, possibly Green, Moore, Johnson, Stiemsma, Hollins is a possibility, and the recently signed Sean Williams.  They also have two first round picks in the upcoming draft and a lot of cap space to pursue free agents.  The future does indeed look bright as orchestrated by the Celtics brass.  However, the here and now is not exactly devoid of talented players even though some are older gentlemen.  I'm enjoying the progress the current Celtics have made throughout the year and suspect they will compete with all their will to the best of their collective ability to make banner number 18 a realistic possibility.

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