Reality Check

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    Re: Reality Check

    There HAS GOT to be a leader and we don't have that ONE guy.  We have THE BIG THREE.  Rondo has really developed in the past 4 years but THE BIG THREE have to lead us.  Let's be real here.  We don't have a BIG FOUR.  We have a BIG THREE!

    I totally agree.  the O'Neals, Kristic, Green, Davis, West and Rondo cast members just have to do their jobs to the best of their abilities.  But the heavy work (and responsibility) falls on Pierce, Allen and KG.  Time to earn your keep.

    Pierce has got to return to the agressive Pierce and not the "settling for 3-pointer" Pierce.  Allen has to return to the "sideline to sideline sprinter and nailing the 3-pointer" specialist that he was BEFORE breaking Reggie Miller's record.  And KG has to BECOME that dominant PF who is more aggressive offensively and passes less in order to take his patented shots.

    When the playoffs begin, there shoud NEVER be a game where Baby or Rondo have more shot attempts than ANY of the big three.

    It's "money time" so let's start acting and playing like it.