1) I get just as excited as everyone but the hype train on Joseph is a little silly. Yes he is playing well but almost every team past on him....... TWICE! Now I hope he keeps playing well but these late 2nd rounders pan out few and far between. I'm not trying to be negative but let's settle down a tad! 2) Just happy to see Sullinger playing after a CAREER THREATENING BACK INJURY! Just goes to show the cream rises to the top. Sullinger had a lottery pick pedigree and hopefully he makes a lot of teams pay 3) Courtney Lee would be great.... Get him now in a sign and trade and hope you can take care of him financially next year. Great fit here 4) I still hope a cheap veteran center comes in. Thought of Melo being in our top 10 rotation right away scares me (I'm aware of his potential so please Melo lovers, don't yell at me) 5) lots of solid players left in free agency 6) I will miss Ray and would rather not get into why he left and all that. I will just miss watching him be a Celtic. Had some unforgettable moments here 7) goodnight Comments welcome