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    Re: Rebounding


    i respectfully disagree with your thought that rebounding cannot be improved immediately.

    the celtics do not lack enough height or athleticism to rebound, but rather have mentally ignored the concept more than they should. 

    you almost never see any of their players stepping towards an opponent on the defensive end and they almost all bail out to get back on defense when one of their teammates shoot the ball.   i can live with the second scenario because it is very demoralizing to get beaten for easy fast breaks, but the poor defensive rebounding can be improved right away.

    getting only 5 more defensive rebounds a game keeps the opponent from 5 additional possesions.  and, only 5 more offensive boards give the celtics five more possessions.  20 extra possessions per game!

    this CAN be accomplished as soon as tonight's game.
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    Re: Rebounding

    In Response to Re: Rebounding:
    When we won the title back in 08 they were still poor at rebounding.  Just asd not bad as these last two seasons.  It wasnt as bad with Shaq in the middle, but they better clean it up quick to continue to move forward.
    Posted by jdm894g

    Agree that they have to improve their rebounding.  Not sure why they are so bad at rebounding, but some of the players have to do a better job.  Shaq may not play again, so they can't wait for Shaq.  Someone needs to step up in this area. 
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    Re: Rebounding

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    rebounding is all about determination!  there are some skills involved, but it is much more about WANTING to rebound. Height is not the determining factor either.  And, neither is how high you can jump. Just get in position to rebound every time and at least a few more balls will just land in your hands every game. right now, the celtics are not getting into position. it is that simple and very easily fixed if they want to fix it.  lastly, they need to fix it or they will likely be watching the finals on the TV with the rest of us.
    Posted by charliedarling

       Well said Charlie. Carmelo Anthony getting 17 rebounds in game 2 in inexcusable. I can accept 17 boards from Dwight Howard, but Carmelo Anthony?
     Positioning for the rebound and determination to get the ball is the key. I think the flake Dennis Rodman once said regarding rebounding that you got to want the ball more than anyone else on the court.
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    Re: Rebounding

    Rico is a lakers fan!!