Rebuild Fever

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    Rebuild Fever

    "Greg Dickerson, Donny Marshall, and Gary Tanguay won’t be part of the network’s Celtics coverage this season, while president of basketball operations Danny Ainge and Chris Herren are slated to fill in as color analysts on a couple of occasions."

    "Heinsohn will be the color analyst for all home games alongside play-by-play voice Mike Gorman. It will be their 33d year together calling Celtics games."

    "When the Celtics are on the road, Heinsohn will be in studio. The color analyst role will rotate on the road among several personalities, including Dave Cowens, Cedric Maxwell, and most intriguingly, Ainge and Herren, who will join Gorman in tandem."

    I for one, coudn't stand Gary Tanguay. He was thick headed and too judgemental for my taste. Good riddence. I'm glad to see Harren being given an opportunity here. Welcome back Chris.


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    Re: Rebuild Fever

    Never was a fan of Tanquerey or Marshall.  I liked Dickerson but health apparently was an issue. I was hoping Scall would be the man but he wants to be a coach and will probably be an NBA head coach someday, I loved his commentary. I'm a fan of both Max and Cowans and as long as Tommy and Mike are around, I'm good.

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    Re: Rebuild Fever

    I like a GM, but as a color analyst?  No.  You think you are going to get an honest assessment out of him about his players or coach?  No.  It's just going to be the corporate line.  You need independent analysis.  Chris Herren?  Glad he got his life together, but he will probably be so grateful for the opportunity that he'll be just another shill for the Celtics.  I do not like these changes.