sorry guys but thats who durant most reminds me of in terms of his game AND demeanor, he's a taller version of reggie and will have the career that reggie could have enjpyed all through the 90s. KD is just as smooth and polished with his bball iq and shooting prowess. I love how he can find his sweet spots against anyone. When he's off, its a classsic case of him simply not making shots rather than the defense actually stopping him from doing what he wants. All that said, KD like Regiie is nowhere near the class of LEBRON when he actually chooses to bring his A--game as the green found out the hard way. bron at this very minute is right up there with 1991 MJ. Reggie never was at MJ's level. he was the next level down. KD is top guy of those right at the lesser grade  ELITES!